Amoeba II(2017)

The inspiration for the pieces(Amoeba I & II) is a text about the way amoebas move, which takes place in three steps:
1. Extension: The pseudopodia are formed in the direction of locomotion.
2. Adhesion: The pseudo feet are attached to the base through new adhesion points.
3. Retraction: The remaining amoebic body is pulled back. Sound clusters that have their own sound characters (noise, pitch, percussive effects, etc.) have, move like cells with this mode of locomotion.

Incontriamo Trio SurPlus
Komposition von Jörg Birkenkötter (HfK Bremen) und neueste Werke von Roni Brenner, Matti Heininen, Danbi Jeung und Petros Leivadas
Trio SurPlus (Oboe, Schlagzeug, Klavier) / Hannover

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