Genie nur auf dem Bett(2020)

Sopran/Performance : Vera Ivanovic
Uraufführung am 07.12.2020 Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, Wolfgang Rihm Forum

The musical theater “Genius only on the bed” describes my dilemma as a composer, having to compose but not being able to do it.
Day by day, composing felt like a parental intervention to me. The situation was difficult to bear, even though it was done out of love. Especially during these days I became endlessly helpless, lying listlessly on my bed and not wanting to compose. I thought maybe I could do anything after two hours of rest, but even after that, the five steps to the desk felt too far. I didn’t know which way to go and just wanted to follow the currents and the light like jellyfish. I had many excuses: no inspiration; life was so hard; I might be able to compose more the next day; YouTube was just so much fun; the bed tempted me to lie down, etc. I collected these excuses and scattered thoughts and made them the theme of my musical theater.

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