Artistic Distancing(2020)

What kind of work can artists create at home to communicate in a situation if they have to be socially distant in a pandemic situation? ‘Artistic Distancing’ started with this question for online-360 gallery project in Mainz. In this video, an artist disassembles objects directly from many famous artworks and distances them.

Artworks : Artist / Title(Year) / Current location
Piet Mondrian / Composition with Red Blue and Yellow(1929) / National Museum, Belgrade, Serbia
Édouard Manet / The Lunch on the Grass(1863) / Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France
Vibhor Sogani / The Sprouts(2008) / (Public location in) New Delhi, Photo by Shailan Parker, India
Shinique Smith / Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink (2009) / The Baltimore Museum of Art, USA
Keith Haring / Radiant baby (from icons series, 1990) / no current exhibition
René Magritte / Golconda (1953) / The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas, USA

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